Chidlom Skytrain Dental Clinic

Chidlom Skytrain Dental Clinic focuses in providing quality dental service. It is the 13th branch in the Skytrain Dental Group of clinics that are conveniently located near the BTS Skytrain area.

Skytrain Dental Group is a team of highly qualified and experienced dentists in the different fields, offering you world-class service in all branches. They take pride in providing excellent service in every field of specialization. They want to make sure that they use only the best dental tools available here and abroad.

Our Dental Services

 Chidlom Skytrain Dental Clinic 

🦷 Our Dentists :
highly qualified and experienced dentists, offering you service in all fields.
🦷 Medical Equipment :
the best quality of equipment that meets international standards.
🦷 Convenient transportation :
easy accessible through the BTS or the MRT.
🦷 Cleanliness :
strictest sterilization system that meets international standards for all our tools and equipment.

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